Thug Love Hurts

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ruby By ruby Completed
Diamond had been thru hell and back for at least seven years of her life! She thinks everything starts to go back to normal once her father is killed by her own mother. But one day that changes when her bestfriend brook gets shot and killed. Now diamond sister is making them move to California. Diamond hates it at first but then she lays eyes on the most sexiest man alive. Kjay.  He isn't your average dude either. He is a big time drug dealer and is in school. But to Kjay diamond is just another girl you can just fuck an duck. But will things change? Or will this thugly love come to order?
She could've said it in a better way but let's be honest here y'all know she right. Diamond gone be one unhappy camper if she can't understand that.
Im in tears right now this book really getting to me already
I'd be piss too but try to all look at the positive side to sweeties one factor is you get out of a bad place an the city where so much stuff happened to you
Ooooh shiiit** I think he dead by now mama 
I'm happy she not one of those moms he be talking about its kids fault or let the man stay an be like it better not happen again or in the denial n shii***tt
I hate that,  like boy you don't even my age to be bestfriends
Wow! California Is The Shiit . Westsidee Alldaaay . Carry On lol