Thug Love Hurts

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Jewel97 By Jewel97 Updated a month ago
Diamond had been thru hell and back for at least seven years of her life! She thinks everything starts to go back to normal once her father is killed by her own mother. But one day that changes when her bestfriend brook gets shot and killed. Now diamond sister is making them move to California. Diamond hates it at first but then she lays eyes on the most sexiest man alive. Kjay.  He isn't your average dude either. He is a big time drug dealer and is in school. But to Kjay diamond is just another girl you can just fuck an duck. But will things change? Or will this thugly love come to order?
Mylife_Notyours101 Mylife_Notyours101 10 days ago
All I do is track TRACK IS LIFE!!! and y'all saying that's you is lying
kidrauhljb34 kidrauhljb34 20 days ago
I don't get it she's getting you out of that place? There is no reason why you should be mad AND ITS CALI I would love to go to California
YvngDae YvngDae a month ago
wtf is her problem i wouldve tweaked like wtf u getting mad for u stay ur ass here then
ArielleEvelyn ArielleEvelyn a month ago
ewww a boosie fade tho?Sound like a typical stuck up light skin dude.Every light skin dude i ever met was stuck up.Except 1.
ArielleEvelyn ArielleEvelyn a month ago
i was just thinkin that.&she prolly moved there for that man &nt no job.
ArielleEvelyn ArielleEvelyn a month ago
Wow i would kinda b pissed too cuz now he got to give that scholarship up and hope he can get a new one in cali