The Cheerleader And The Nerd

Meet Riley Pearce! She's in her senior year. She's the head cheerleader and she has the star quarterback begging her to be his girlfriend. Seems like she's got everything...right? Well she doesn't think so... Her mom died while giving birth to her baby sister, Cynthia and since then she's practically been brought up by nannies. Her dad remarried, but her step-mother could care less about her or her sister, all she cares about is her dad's money... For Riley's 18th birthday, Riley's best friend, Kat, takes Riley her to Vegas as a gift. Meet Jayden Andrews! He's in his senior year too but he's a complete nerd. He has 3 great friends but he's never fallen in love... unless you count a tiny crush he used to have but that hardly counts right? So one day his friend, Ryan decides to take him and their friends to Vegas for the weekend... So what happens when you're drunk, wasted and in Vegas? You get married of course! ----- Warning; This is a very, very, cliche and horribly structured and written story that I wrote at the age of thirteen having just started out on wattpad. Read at your own peril.
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the age difference between the dad and step mum isn't a big deal at all, loads of people i know have parents with a 10+ year age diference
The numbers should be written as twelve instead of 12 in a story. It's a bit cliché, but otherwise, I find it fine :)
@ayeesha98 Thanks for not going ape-shit on me, LOL my friend uses that word all the time. This is the first time someone else has used that word!
I love reading this. It's cliche but in a good way, I like cliche story. I love reading this. I feel like I'm in the story.
Finally. Someone who can actually puncuate the dialauge correctly. Bravo, i really enjoyed reading this :D
I loved the description and detail, although this is a cliche story I liked your own twist on it. Voted!

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