Deadly Beautiful

Katerina Giordano is gorgeous… and dangerous. She has no mercy for those who inflict terror on others and will kill them without flinching. She is who her grandfather trained her to be, a teenage killing machine. It all started seven years ago on the unforgettable day when she and her twin brother Aleksander came home expecting the usual welcome from their parents, only to be greeted by silence. They had walked into the house and they saw the image that is now etched in their minds forever. Their loving parents both dead by a single gunshot to the head. It was then their grandfather had whisked them away and into a world they had never knew they were a part of, the family business… Assassins. That was what their parents were and what they are now. When the family moves to a new city to take out new targets, Kat stumbles across the truth of why her parents were silenced forever. Join Kat as she finds out who she really is as she investigates her parent’s murders. Experience with her as she makes friends, gains enemies and maybe falls in love…
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you have a way with words that is absolutely amazing!(:  I love your writing style(: Your word choices are really good too!(:
being italian is perfect for an assassin family! Classy et cetera. And the Grandfather is awesome, well done on development of that character.
Don't give us all the information. Let it be a mystery it makes the book so much better
I really like this chap too!!! :DD heheheh i really liked the chapters that ive read so far :) voted ;)

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