The Ghost Trackers Case Files: Book 3

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Jordy_Marie By Jordy_Marie Completed
Demons, ghosts, and cameramen--Oh My! Ghost trackers returns for their last four episodes of the season. Fresh off a massive breakup--not to mention the grief over his brother--Brody is facing these last four episodes exactly how he faced the first, by putting on a strong face and getting through it. Amelia, who is reaching the end of her Ghost Trackers contract, contemplates what to do next. She may have helped a spirit, but all she did was hurt herself. 
 But when Patrick returns after moving on to the afterlife, how much more trouble is he really causing? With the replacement cameraman Finn, demonic threats from beyond, and having to work with her now ex-boyfriend, Amelia is having a hard time keeping it together.  Will Patrick clean up the mess he made, or will he add to the drama?
YunFeng YunFeng 9 months ago
YAY! Mr Crain likes her enough to play around the rules of the board!!!
helzbelz71 helzbelz71 2 years ago
Love love love this series so please please please can we read more.
afarleman afarleman 2 years ago
I am hooked on this series. When are u going to upload again????? I can't wait!!!!!
bunnyblum bunnyblum 2 years ago
Wow, I cannot believe you are only 15! You have some amazing writing skills! I am definitely looking forward to reading the rest of your work! I hope you keep at this, I think you could be extremely successful in the future!
tootwink tootwink 3 years ago
Really enjoy most of these stories. Sometimes I get lost though. Too many cliffhangers without explanation.
avilisaxcdx1997 avilisaxcdx1997 3 years ago
...Read the whole cast list... Dying now... Both the boys from Supernatural in a great book series... Dying...