Jinx Not-So-Malfoy

Most of the characters/places/llamas in this book belong to the AWEMAZIC author, JK Rowling and Warner Bros. I give them 99% of the credit for this. I just added another character and dubbed her awesome, and that's about it. I do not ever plan to make a profit off this story. Draco Malfoy has a twin sister named Jinx Alexandra Malfoy. She's random, brave, and as un-Malfoy-ish as you can be.
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Ahh she thinks she is a disgrace. Those malfoys probably aren't good parents if they her that she is.
I knew it. Call it gut instinct. Also, I am happy and scared for jinx. What will happen next?
ohhhh i thought that there wasnt a comma between the ginger girl and parvati srry lln @purplecatgirl
LALALAHAHALALA!!! Im so sorry you are lonely. I shall loyyally comment and vote every chaper from now on, great syory and i love jinx haha.
Yay screw u slythys
But plz dnt let her get disowned or hurt by her parents
sometimes inn fanfics i wish i could climb in the book and slap ron a few times and climb back out. eh i got a weird mind

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