Taylor Swift: Know You Better

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LivSpencer By LivSpencer Updated 4 days ago
What inspired Taylor to write each track on Red? 
While Taylor has shared so much with us, there are some things that only the Swift One knows. After writing Taylor Swift: The Platinum Edition, our biography of Taylor, we couldn’t resist imagining the stories behind the songs of Red. Though each story is inspired by true events, we’ve made up situations and details that we hope ring true.
rusckonatali rusckonatali 6 days ago
I love love love Taylor Swift she's epic awesome and beyond amazing she is also very beautiful
Chemerot Chemerot 7 days ago
i really love taylor swift and someday i want to meet her..
and the feeling that you buy a ticket you've done idol nerve oh my god I was crying because no ticket. :(
nicacong nicacong a month ago
I really love taylor and I wish someday I'm gonna finally meet her.
Swiftie292 Swiftie292 3 months ago
eh help please..... this video is private, i cant watch it . why ???
pattyfrombrazil pattyfrombrazil 4 months ago
That's cool! That adds even more meaning to when I listen to State of Grace. Thanks for that! =D
rapsunzel rapsunzel 6 months ago
since 70% of all swifties ship taylor squared, can taylor end up with the other taylor?