Beautifully Broken

It's easy to say that you don't care what other people think but it's so hard to play deaf when you're the hot topic of high school gossip. Addie had to learn that lesson the hard way. When the truth spread that she was physically abused by her first love Nate, the whole school didn't believe her. Not being able to take the pressure, she resorted to drastic measures. A year after her failed suicide, she begins college anew promising herself to find real friendships and to avoid love all together. Till she meets Julian. Will she make real friends this time around? Will Nate ever take his revenge? And as she grows out of her steel shell, what happens when she finds out that Julian is Nate's estranged brother? That is, if she ever finds out.
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Dark and sad but I love it so far, one of the better written books on wattpad too
omg! I never heard this song before, but I just did her voice is amazing! I love this song!!! 
wow, this is a great book! going good! In see future romance/drama with Jules and Addie
Oh my gosh! That's so sad. Poor girl. I hope she survives, though....
But really, amazingly descriptive and brilliantly written. Wonderful job!
Can't believe the people at her school didn't believe her! :( but this was really good! Keep writing! :)
This very well written! It's very intense chapter and you finished in the right spot, leaving the reader wanting more! :)

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