Elemental Eyed Treasure

"I've been running for as long as I can remember" Sophia Talar has been hiding all her life. Being the daughter of the Talar family was special; the Talar family had female offspring once in a millennium. With Sophia’s presence on the world being as crucial as it was, a manhunt begins for the last remaining Talar daughter. When signs are shown in the skies of Elemental Tranquility held in the sky as Sophia’s powers awaken for the first time fully. Living in the middle of Naples, Italy. Jamie and Graham Talar believe their family is safe until Sophia’s sixteenth birthday and their happiness turns to a nightmare. “My Parents fought for my safety and my dad lost his life in a hunt for my life.” After the loss of her father, Sophia turns to her best friend Rayne to help her mother and her escape to the Americas. Sophia is now 19 years old and still in hiding, she never really knew any different. With Her mother Jamie and best friend Rayne long side her, they look for places of safety. But when Jamie and Rayne decide for a change and stay in the town of New Hope, Pennsylvania, Sophia is totally against it. But she would not be aware of the allies and newly found enemies that she would find there. Even a courtship to extraordinary powerful hybrid twins.
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ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like it!!!!!!!!!!  IT IS SO INTERSTING!!! its REALLLLLLLLLLY short but i love it so dopnt worry!!
Hey, would it work better if I critiqued here as a comment? It would be much quicker.
very powerful expressions.....at the same time - a spark of tenderness too....well handled - voted
I am very interested in how this story is going to go...oooh Ryder, I find you most attracting (; update as soon as possible! It's a great start xx
sounds cool! love the intro with a daughter being born into a family only after many many years. sets the tone for something big to come :)

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