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Aubrey is transferring from the comfort of her well-known Catholic school to a boarding school across the country because of a mishap with the school's "Popular Girl." She thinks that being sent away, she's being punished for her actions, but that's not entirely the case. She notices that the students and faculty of Hillside Academy aren't like anyone else she's met before, and that they seem to possess strange powers. Maybe even as strange as hers, even though she refuses to admit it. As she settles in, she starts to see that people are going missing, and that's definitely not normal. Are her and her classmates in serious danger? Will she be able to overcome her fear of her powers and use them to protect herself and her friends?
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this is very intriguing! it's written very well and makes the reader want to know what's gonna happen next!
C: i love your simple writing~ It's so clear and crisp~ like a breath of fresh air~ Im not gonna lie. . . I LOL'ed at "And then the gym exploded" xD
W.O.W. This was amazing! You reeled me in immediately! This was so well-written! I love it :D I'm adding this to my library!
Its a great epilogue its interesting and vey descriptive I will carry on reading this I really like it. :D
@catchingangels I like how it's written. It's a great start and it's eye-catching! :) I enjoyed reading it! :D
This was very enjoyable, I don't think there was ever a time when I got bored whilst reading this. Can't wait to see you continue! Keep up the brilliant work!

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