Shotgun Marriage

This is a story about a young lady who fell in love with his brother's friend who is nine years older than her. She did everything to win the heart of her beloved Andrae Knudsen even though her ways are kind of stupid. But who can blame her? She's young, free and very much in love to her brother's friend which results of being married to him. But how will they face the consequences?
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i read a story like this sa phr. it's entitled 'Gerard' by Sharmaine Galvez. Parang pareho yata to ng story nun, pareho ang synopsis eh.
@KeiDesu it is 5am  when i read ur comment & i can't help but really needs editing bigtime! just sayin' also
at first na nabasa ko na yung inerest cheverlou, BBC na agad ang na think ko . haha. sf lang peg kako,  fan ka din pala kasi ate. :))
Do critics :)

tama bsta gwapo
makalaglag panty haha
dapat wear a supah dupah tight underwear para d malaglag booooghdsss!!"
kinikilabutan ako.nung binabasa ko.'to hahaha ganitong tipo ng istorya yung gusto

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