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Andrew_Mosier By Andrew_Mosier Updated 3 years ago
Chronocaching - is an outdoor sporting activity in which the participants use a Chronological Positioning System (CPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “chronocaches” or “caches”, anywhere in space or time.
ChelseaSmiles ChelseaSmiles 3 years ago
Oh my god this is interesting! I'll never get anything done if you keep writing! You're an amazing writer and I like not doing anything! ;P
MarkOPolo MarkOPolo 3 years ago
Is Molly playing Angry Birds? Epic. Great beginning. Descriptive background on the characters while leaving some to mystery. Awesome.
FriedhelmWinter FriedhelmWinter 3 years ago
@Andrew_Mosier and who do you know who can do THAT for me then?
alarmannihilator alarmannihilator 3 years ago
@Andrew_Mosier No problem. I've read a few of your stories so far and they've all been excellent.
alarmannihilator alarmannihilator 3 years ago
Geocaching is really fun in and of itself. Cronocaching? Awesome!
@Andrew_Mosier No you are right. Time travel is an over-written topic. Most of the dimensions have already been closed on that topic and until I can't think of anything new I won't write on that topic :)