Elevator Music

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Jordan Marie By Jordy_Marie Completed
What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with Hollywood's hottest sensation? Well, you certainly wouldn't fight with him over baseball, like Addie Clark would...  Elevator Music is a story about coming-of-age, love, and acceptance. It follows Addie Clark, a compulsive liar who pushes everyone away from her. She is sent to New York to live with her father. One strike of chance, quicker than lightning, and an elevator will change Addie's life drastically.
    Won "Most Read Chick-lit" of 2013!
She doesn't have to hope she's good at poetry her poem made me laugh so hard
Omg we wouldn't be able to be friends, she'd take advantage of me and freak me out with some type of story that didn't even happen!
lol wow I can see so many poetic techniques and beautiful deep meaning lol jk
her first lie hahahaha totally funny! why not tell a total stranger an outrageous story, its not like you will see them again
a guy being compared to a fairy with a glitter stick? Wow... Just wow