My Secret Life as a Victoria's Secret Model

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Miss Purple By iPurple Updated 3 years ago
Pristine Ferro is a huge nerd. But no one dare bullies her at school because she’s the daughter of actor Clyde Ferro and singer Callie Preston. Not to mention she’s family friends with Chance Matthews, the world’s most famous teenage actor, and son of her mother’s best friend.
    But what everyone doesn’t know about Pristine, is that underneath those hideous glasses and nerdy clothes is the famous Victoria’s Secret supermodel that goes by the name of ‘Angel’.
    But when Pristine agreed to do a reality show with Chance, things start to get a bit messy.
Nope!!! Nobody can be that HOT as Taylor,Robert and Josh!!!! Hell no!!!! In every Guys dreams!!!!!
If u ask me how u did it, my answer will be yahhhhhh its fine but its not fine
haha I hate that too. like you don't speak American you speak English so why could I speak haitian?
same and you know what else I hate when they ask me to speak Haitian and sometimes when I don't feel like explaining what language we speak I curse them out
same I came when I was 3 and I only remember a little French but mostly Creole cuz that's what my family speaks 
so true I mean when I was little I learned a little French but I don't know all my French or Creole since I came here at 8 I mean I only know enough to speak with my family but I know more English