My Secret Life as a Victoria's Secret Model

Pristine Ferro is a huge nerd. But no one dare bullies her at school because she’s the daughter of actor Clyde Ferro and singer Callie Preston. Not to mention she’s family friends with Chance Matthews, the world’s most famous teenage actor, and son of her mother’s best friend. But what everyone doesn’t know about Pristine, is that underneath those hideous glasses and nerdy clothes is the famous Victoria’s Secret supermodel that goes by the name of ‘Angel’. But when Pristine agreed to do a reality show with Chance, things start to get a bit messy.
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Aha most of them are gay and super nice!! I get anxious with a girl photographer- they're more judgey
I don't think that Kyle Is a character Chance played because he would of remembered
this is why I never kept a journal or diary or whatever. but then again I also lost and forget about them..
:O *Coughs* Aaaaaawwwwkkkkkwwwwaaaarrrddd....... *burst out laughing* Sorry x'D it's just sooo funny in a way.
Man your so lucky, I would trade my brother for a sister any day. But an older brother might not be bad.
Everytime I did a shoot for our local fun-raising store the photographer would do the same thing

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