The Audacity of Middle Age *ON HOLD- SORRY*

Malia always dreamed her life would be more than it had become. That was up until the day her husband of 20 years left her. Now faced with starting over at 40, Malia has to face the ironic humor of age. Her kids blame her for the divorce, the coffee guy even has an opinion on her age, and is that young hot trainer actually flirting with her? with some help from her suburban mom (and dad) sidekicks Malia navigates through life's twisted path, falling in lust, falling out of love, and hopefully finding herself.
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@Nikayay. Wonderful to be surrounded in the warm embrace of friends, huh, nika : ) Did i read below this one's not finished yet ? V.
@nikayaya. This is the first time I've looked at this & I love it so far, Nika. The first page is wonderful. I'll be back soon : ) V.

No worries, you're welcome! I'll read on too, when I get a chance :)
ahh, I like this-  so real and life like-  happens too many times in my own opinion.
Naughty yaya wow i actually love it. Reading the next chap now ps the hubby a a*seface
Don't know what 'nanowrimo' is, but I'm prepared to believe it's very important lol, go for it!

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