A Love Slave (Vampire Romance)

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Rainbow_Cadet By Rainbow_Cadet Completed
Dreaven never knew of love, or of anything but pain. She never believed in the fairy tales that were told in stories. One night, she is thrown into a world that she never believe existed. A world where the Vampires are superior and the humans are petty slaves for entertainment and cleaning purposes. 
Meeting her new owner Trent is anything but pleasant and she fights back with her temper. She's not about to let another man walk on her like she's gum on some ones shoe. She down with the abuse she put up with at her home. 

Dreaven never believed in love and the only person she knew who cared in the world was her best friend and secret crush, Blake. But what happens when she finds Blake in the place she never would have imagined.

But  the real question is will she give into Trent and accept the fact they're meant to be or will she fight and go with Blake?

Do you dare join Dreaven in her life of misfortunes, betrayal, pain, love, and hate. To see where this new world brings her and what she finds out about herself.
Brown_Skin10 Brown_Skin10 12 days ago
Soo this isn't bad just a little boy confused but I think it will get better
@LillMikaelson Again though, commenting on those "stupid mistakes" is commenting on the story itself and of course I enjoy the story which I point out where it needs improvement when I see it. I seriously feel it has a strong chance of being published as an e-book if it's combed over and edited.
Brxstol Brxstol 19 days ago
You must have a lot of time on your hands. I can't even write more than 7 sentences before getting distracted.
LillMikaelson LillMikaelson 23 days ago
go and write your own book and stop trying to teach other authors
BriannaDobson BriannaDobson a month ago
If u want correct punctuation  then why don't u go and right a book with all this stuff that the poor girl has to do and u try and not get any of the punctuation wrong. Hhhmmm?
BriannaDobson BriannaDobson a month ago
So does anyone know the name for the sequel to it??? I really like to know the name for it...