Bound (Harry Styles FanFic)

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SumNawaz By SumNawaz Completed
Her mother's dying wish was for her to be happily married, even though she was only 19 years old. And now, Kelsey Ross has to do just that. Little did she know that the guy she was having an arranged marriage to was the one and only, Harry Styles. Kelsey only sees Harry as Harry Styles - world wide sensation. She's quiet around him and doesn't really put any effort into this marriage. She has barriers built up and Harry becomes determined to knock them down.
For some reason, whilst in the midst of trying to get through to Kelsey, he starts seeing the real girl she is. The care-free, funny, witty girl she was before her mother passed away. And Harry will do anything to keep that Kelsey stay for as long as possible.
(Cover by JennyNava)

All Rights Reserved. Plot and concept is what I made up, and if anyone wrote something similar to this will be forced to take their story down.
offical_girl1 offical_girl1 6 days ago
I would like if you guys could check out my book stay with me
echomuke echomuke 7 days ago
this is my absolute favourite 1D fanfic ever. it's so beautiful and I'm rereading it for the 1000th time
Kelly6676 Kelly6676 14 days ago
That's what I'm thinking! This is the only fanfic I've found with my name!!
yayy my name is Kelsey!  first Fanfic with a character who has my name!
troylerrrrr troylerrrrr 22 days ago
A girl at my high School passed away from cancer and now every year they dedicate a 'pink out game' to her where everyone at the school where's pink and we release balloons into the sky and they hang her picture everywhere
xX_Liam_Xx xX_Liam_Xx 23 days ago
And I've been reading all these comments about this book and I'm REALLT excited to read it!!! You all say it's awesome so I can't wait!!!!!!