Oh, I Ate Before I Came... (Larry Stylinson/ Ziall Horlik)

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"Oh I ate before I came..." "Of course I'm eating properly!" "I'm not hungry..." "I don't feel very well.." Harry Styles has secrets. Lots. And lots of secrets.... Wanna know some? Harry cuts. Harry starves himself. Harry is slowly wasting away. Harry gets beaten at home. Harry's a closet gay. And nobody even knows. Everyday when he comes home from school he goes to the bathroom to weigh himself. He doesn't see the stick figure with their bones jutting out in the mirror. No. He sees himself as overweight. Sickening. Fat. That's why he starves himself. That's why he cuts. But things are going to change... Louis Tomlinson. A bright cheerful confident boy. Has nothing to hide (well except his sexuality). Everyone loves Louis. But unfortunately for Louis his step dad has got a new job in none other than Cheshire. When Louis starts at Holmes Chapel he instantly makes friends with a lot of people. Except one. No matter how hard he tries. The curly haired boy pushes him away. He pushes everyone away. Two boys. A heck of a lot of secrets. Can Louis finally fix Harry and make him see just the real him? Or will he push him further down into a spiraling pit of self hatred?  **WARNING MAY CONTAIN EATING DISORDERS, CUTTING, BOYXBOY, SWEARING DO NOT READ IF YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED**
I'm fine. Seriously I'm okay. *smiles in pain while there are tears streaming down my face*
15, 5'7 and 159pounds (just weight myself I'm crying like I gained 9 pounds in a week kms) D:
@larryanul Aww thank you, you're really sweet x and same goes for you. if you're struggling with anything just DM me. I won't judge :) x
Funny how as soon as I started this chapter and noticed the song at the top was skinny love, skinny love ended on my iPod
im 15, and im 4'11 and my weight is 77 pounds tf im a long lost sister of louis tomlinson bcs I'm so tiny