Tales of the Big Bad Wolf (Vol 2): The Queen of Swans (Another Fairy Tale)

Elisa, the Queen of Swans, has lived a thousand years. Her brothers, who she was supposed to free from their spell, have gone missing. While the world struggles with recovering from a winter eclipse, a conspiracy slowly unfolds--entangling her life with the elves and humans once more. In this volume, the heroes and anti-heroes from Volume 1, "Red Riding Hood" also return. One man seeks a new life with his lady-love and another seeks out answers to his own questions as to who he might be. Meanwhile magic begins its return to the Northernlands. Artwork can be viewed at talesofthebigbadwolf dot com
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I love how you depict the relationship between the Count and Selva. "He loved her mocking tone". :)

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