Tales of the Big Bad Wolf (Vol 2): The Queen of Swans (Another Fairy Tale)

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Elisa, the Queen of Swans, has lived a thousand years. Her brothers, who she was supposed to free from their spell, are long-missing.  Her happy ending thwarted -- she waits for answers that will soon be coming.  

In this volume, the Wolframs from Volume 1, "Red Riding Hood" also return. The Big Bad Wolf is no longer alone.  With his lady-love they begin to build a future different from the one they initially had inherited.  And the hunter -- set adrift at the end of the events of the previous book -- struggles to find his way forward. 

In the aftermath of darkness, separate lives are slowly drawn together.  Tales collide and conspiracies unfold that will change the lives of all that magic touches. 

Artwork can be viewed at talesofthebigbadwolf dot com
I love how you depict the relationship between the Count and Selva. "He loved her mocking tone". :)
Lovely chapter as always!! Soooo happy Elanore and Edmund are here too. :) 

Ughhh the Unthings!!  Can they die already? Or just go away somewhere faraway and don't come back.
I am so happy to see the Count's and Selva's relationship continue in this book. I felt like I wanted to know more about that couple in first book and here they are. You write beautifully. Thank you