My Brother Got Me Pregnant

Warning: INCEST Maria Nights is your regular teen, Straight A's, Perfect friends and the best brother anybody could have. Till one night she spends in her brother's bed Gets out of hand and ends catastrophically. A mistake, A disaster, something people will judge you for but Maria doesn't care for the risk, only her baby and, the father.
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W T Fugg? am I actually reading this? Lolz wow this is gud yet creepy at the same time
Omggg that makes it 10 times more awkward! Omg hopefully one of them is adopted or something bc then this story would be crazy AF but AMAZING
@Ericka1123 1. We have the same name. and we spell it the same. 2. Its not really nasty cuz who knows you better than your brother ?
how nasty and desperate can you be to end up having sex with your own pa mett
but its her brother that's so disgusting! I mean the story line is great but its incest...
these grammar mistakes and run on sentences are irritating me. its a nice story .-. I like it but work on your editing.

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