Justin Bieber Imagines! (requests closed)

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bizzle By iBieberParadise Updated 2 months ago
Cute, romantic, sad, dirty, etc! I got it all, just read. xo
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you gonna have to unpack all your shit that took you probably hours to pack. what are you gonna tell your best friend now? "justin told me to stay with him, so i agreed. we practically packed up all my stuff for no damn reason"
"Inside of you? I'm sorry Justin, where are you leading this to?"
This is only the first imagine and I had a heart attack *vigorously splashes holy water*
This little niggä is trying to do some reverse psychology shït on the poor girl
What about us? What about you and me..together? I'm sorry this song popped up in my head and I started singing it...
Come home to me, come home to me. Back into my arms, home where you belong. Come home to me, come home to me. If home is where you are, then home is way to far away.