My Brother's Friends (Completed)(Under EXTREME RECONSTRUCTION)

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Sthefany By Sthefany Completed
Jesse Banks is stuck in a rut, her parents have passed away and she has to go live with her brother Liam and his four friends. Living in a new state in a whole new environment is harder than it looks. Add a hot neighboor, some new friends, and more boys and you'll have yourself a complex situation. Find out what happens next.
Ewwwwww this Michael Copon guy is like the last person who I would use to be her boyfriend
And...........? I don't really see a problem mostly bc collage guys are so fùcking hot
this girl is so dramatic and that says something cominv from me
I always say that...but sometimes the pain is heavier than usual
where are her friends? weird that her brother brought his, but she didn't bring hers. especially as hers are local and his aren't.
What if he got killed next?!? And you hated him, then what would you do!! ☝️