His appointed wife

"I'll give you a place to stay and I'll pay you enough, all you have to do is to pretend to be my wife, in return." Hell, it sounds a lot easier than it seems to Alexandra, but well, Logan doesn't think so... Travel with Logan and Lex to find out how they fall in love, after lots and lots of heartbreaks and struggles...
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 oh my glob I swear this is soo funny. I thought she had on those long fake eyelashes and it wasn't put on properly so it fell off then I felt stupid..
that's only 80, what kind of math were the people in the restaurant doing, 85 at most if you tip well
Why on earth would a person with only $50 to their name go to a restaurant that charges $30 for a soup? Live within you means people.
That is a real douche-move. "I want my ex-girlfriend to get jealous and come back to me." Dafuuq?! Anyways, good 'blurb'! :D
I got confused who's the protagonist. It changed from the guys perspective to the girls point of view and a third person narrative
@dramarama Hi I'm totally a random person, but yet your friend is right. To us, Jesus Christ is a Prophet not the Messiah :)

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