His appointed wife

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"I'll give you a place to stay and I'll pay you enough, all you have to do is to pretend to be my wife, in return."
Hell, it sounds a lot easier than it seems to Alexandra, but well, Logan doesn't think so...
Travel with Logan and Lex to find out how they fall in love, after lots and lots of heartbreaks and struggles...
Letting_Go_ Letting_Go_ 2 months ago
 oh my glob I swear this is soo funny. I thought she had on those long fake eyelashes and it wasn't put on properly so it fell off then I felt stupid..
Roar_FearMe Roar_FearMe 3 months ago
I was like, FELL TO THE GROUND. Did she shave it off!? And then I felt stupid.
RaKizu_2001 RaKizu_2001 10 months ago
Is there any trailer for this story? I really want to watch it!!!!
kiisak9 kiisak9 a year ago
Hi ms author, I just recently joined wattpad. I come across with this story and it interest me a lot. Eventhough the story seems to have written 2 yrs ago, I hope you will appreciate my future comments and votes for this story. Thanks!
foureyedgirl2012 foureyedgirl2012 2 years ago
Nice interesting plot. Some speech errors though. The plural and singular for the word SPECIES is still SPECIES not SPECIE. Also the plural for PASSERBY is PASSERSBY not PASSER-BYS...just checking. ;)
PhoenixRadar PhoenixRadar 2 years ago
O.O Jeez, the reason was... a dumb one! XD Okie, let's start with the story!