Protecting the Devil's Angel

Cynara moved to a new town and doesn't know what to expect when she runs into a mysterious boy named Dean. Just by the gaze in his eyes, she can see a tormented soul, but what she doesn't know is Dean is carrying a deadly weight on his shoulders. One he barely knows he's carrying. To him everyone is against him. He's never trusted a soul & for good reason. But Cynara(pronounced Synara) is like a drug. One he can't shake & the more he pulls away the more curious he becomes. As Cynara peels away the cracks to Dean's soul, she begins to fall for him...but the price of that is steep. And the secrets he's buried are deadly...for him and the mere fact that she's uncovered them has thrown her into a life she's never dreamed of. Will Cynara be able to protect what she fears & doesn't understand all while staying alive in the process??
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Dean Winchester!! I LOVE SUPERNATURAL... altho i'm only in the 2007/08 episodes so far
like the whole violence at the beginning of it....very intense lol like it a lot

also, if u have the chance, could u check out my story thnx
Wow I think I'm in love with this story, amazing!! CAnt wait until you upload more!!!

Mind checking out mine? PLease comment?
Two Bodies One Soul
Wow, you had a great job back there! The emotions and violence are very intense. Keep it up! =]
lol thats great i love the way you ended the chapter. but rather psycho though lol
This is really good!  I love how creative the storyline is, and how much detail you put into the writing.  Keep 

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