Narry - Everyone Else in the Room Can See It

Niall and Harry. Harry and Niall. It works. Everyone can see it. Niall and Harry can see it. The only thing is, neither of them feel brave enough to admit their feelings to each other. What happens when they can't hide their feelings any longer and their bandmates decide to give them a helping hand. This is Narry's story.
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@jesylouisenelson so right so cute so perfect so yes so right so nice so just PERFECT!!!
omgggg glee. im like obsessed with glee. how you dare mention them in a one direction book! are you trying to kill me!? ♡♡♡
How does this only have one comment?! I can tell that this is going to be greatttt. :)
Yes nial POV. I thought there would be none of his or Harry POV. I love this so much *chants loudly* narry
I don't know if you know this by I live off of Narry fluff. I wanted to thank you for giving me a lifetime supply.
I love it already! Narry is real... You can see by my background XD I am so in love with Narry <3 OMG I told you id love it!!!

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