Let The Games Begin

What is the definition of perfect? Whatever it is Faith Brooks is determined to be the exact opposite. Her parents have finally had enough of her 'troubled teen/I do what I like' attitude and decide it's time for her to straighten her life out. When they send her off to boarding school that's where everything becomes a lot more difficult. Faith encounters several objects there: -an annoying boy that won't leave her alone -twins that she's forces to share a room with -a loud mouthed Cat -and a past she can't seem to run far enough away from But Faith has never said no to a good challenge or dare. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!
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Hahaha. I can't stop laughing!!  I really like the way there conversation goes. Lol!
She's a totally a riot. I like her!! I can't imagine a girl can do such things. She's so cool!
unwinnable is not a word. sadly.  I think even though its not a word it's my word of the day! :p
this is fiction ,where every words are words,as long as they are understandable.
Lovely Story. 
;] Actually,
Your story was beast. ! But it really is awesome. 
Keep writing!
Whats going on? I know somethings going on! Teachers don't just disappear!

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