Rise Above BoyXboy

Sam Maximum just admitted to his two best friends Dylan and Blue that he is gay. They are fine with it even excited. So now everything seems great but what happens when they both want him more than a friend? When the whole school finds out and wants him dead? When his secret is put out in front of his well known family? Will he crack under all the pressure or rise above all of the odds? Copyright ©2011-2014 colorfuldays. All rights reserved world wide.
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Lol one of my friends had this random teacher. In his class, if you get the answer wrong he'll be like "you are a liar"
Woow~ I was probably gonna name by daughter Kiiro and my son Aoi.... Kiiro means gold and Aoi means blue.... How ironic
Sry if was being an ass but i am trying to fight off depression right now but i loved rise above very good story
Oops which book did I get wrong I thought I commented on two different things at once lol maybe I am just extremely tired I havnt slept in I don't know how long
Love it. His sister's name is yellow. Ha. And steadare real. Spend a day in my shoes you'll feel what I mean.
Uh-oh. Sam is coming out by accident. Who knows what'll happen next. Must read on!!!! XD

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