Unexpected Marriage

What happens when two opposites wake up to discover they're married? Kaycee has always tried to be the perfect daughter, sister and girlfriend. But her life falls apart when her stepsister steals her boyfriend and she realises she's never been able to compete. Jake has always been the ultimate playboy and has never obeyed a rule in his life but when his father sets him an ultimatum he knows he has to change his ways. It all changes when they wake up married!
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I do believe she has a chest now. Note that the author wrote that it had taken her years to fill it up
hold up sarah wrong she should have told him I caant marry you bitch she need to go som where hoe and man stealer
how is her body curvy if she has a flat chest and sarah is the worst sister I wouldve punched her in the crotch
Rob your such an idiot... You spent 6 years for that perfect relationship.. Then now?
I like the switch you do between characters. I can see it as if it was a movie. pretty cool
I wouldn't be blame Kaycee if she slapped Sarah across the face and where is Kaycee's father in all this?

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