Kiss Me and I'm Doomed ♥ (BoyxBoy Romance)

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_xxXCandyDartsXxx By _xxXCandyDartsXxx Updated 2 years ago
Liam is the captain of the football team, his best friend Jaclan is the captain of the soccer team. Everyone knows Jaclan is gay, even Liam. Noone cares, Jaclan is awesome. Being gay just made him awesomer!
Then once opon a time, Liam starts noticing Jaclan in different ways, and then theres Chances party..
Liam and Jaclan kiss, it was supposed to be a simple peck... but where did it go "wrong"?

This ones to you Nicky :)
sunshinegirl194219 sunshinegirl194219 2 years ago
eeek im squealing like a little fangirl at jb's concert lol. I am in LOVE with it :) can't wait to keep reading.
Innocentxsinner Innocentxsinner 3 years ago
I LOVE IT CANT WAIT FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D ^.^
lovestoread89 lovestoread89 3 years ago
Very interesting!!! I can't wait to read more and see where this story will go! Keep up the good work!
JackieBeast JackieBeast 3 years ago
I loved when he walked in nakie cause that's just not fair to Jaclan :) Great chapter!
weirdenuff4u weirdenuff4u 3 years ago
I love this story, and I wish I would've found it earlier! Reding on now :)
grungecliffxr grungecliffxr 3 years ago
Aha we are both spelling fails! Even my books are good lord gelp my spellin :)))