Possessive Mate

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perksofkeri By perksofkeri Updated 2 months ago
Mazie was a normal girl with a normal life. She heard all the fairy tales about princess and werewolves. But never knew she would live in a world full of them, let alone be the mate of an alpha herself.
arielsummit24 arielsummit24 9 days ago
Oh my God!!! Tyler Hoechlin happened!!!! Teen wolf bae is it bad to say awwwwwwhhhhhh?
RyanNguyen7 RyanNguyen7 16 days ago
I know how u 2 feel but I manage to get my self to 5'1 now...
That's me only its a
Spider-Man tshirt and doctor who chucks
soft_tides soft_tides a month ago
every time he says Lil bit I think of the Grinch saying little bit*h  #tbu
applepie1025 applepie1025 a month ago
How do you pronounce her name? Like Maize as in corn? Or in a different way...
cookiemonsterz04 cookiemonsterz04 2 months ago
Sorry but Styles is my bae all the way but Derek is my side bïtch