Possessive Mate

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perksofkeri By perksofkeri Updated 4 months ago
Mazie was a normal girl with a normal life. She heard all the fairy tales about princess and werewolves. But never knew she would live in a world full of them, let alone be the mate of an alpha herself.
Ohh i wish werewolf do exist i meann come on! Guys are extra hotter when there possessive!
Uh im pretty sure it's because her name is kinda like Maze so like a corn maze but im not 100% sure .-.
@TabbyCakeZz oh gosh. I missed the reading part of your comment! XD
That's disgusting why can't u just change for urself? The meet her a new person? doesn't that speed things up a little bit?
why is everyone saying Maize is corn? I've never heard that before. Is it an American thing?
If it REALLY ruined it she said she only wears them during reading periods