Virgin Mary (Punk Harry Styles Love Story)

This is a short story about a innocent, pure, religious girl who has never smoked, never drank, and always did what her mother told her...that is until she found Harry. *NOTE* I do not take credit for this story it was written by the incredibly fabulous
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It's sad that I've met people exactly like this, partly the reason I'm not religious
Well if he has a lot of holes in is face lady i think he is holy don't ya think...
HA see what I did there 
I hate when people act like they like someone when in reality they can't find one good thing to say about them.
She better be kidding. Her daughter is holier than thou she needs to have some faith in her smh.
Omg love love love. She's so lucky she didn't get caught. I absolutely love this story. Ahh
Omg amazing first chapter. I love how innocence she is but how alluring Harry is omg. Im so affected now...

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