Your Violence, Their Silence

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Ruth By Ruth Updated 2 years ago
Bullied and tormented by her schoolmates Winter hates her life. With her quiet disposistion and thick glasses she's afraid to stand out and tries to survive each day as it comes.

One person in particular seems to make it his job to make her life a living hell. Caleb has had his eye on her since the moment she transfered to his high school.
why the fuçk would u ever bully someone what gives you the right who the hell do you think u are
My social studies teacher thinks that when a boy steals a girls bag or binder, it means he likes her... And he claims it's true cuz he's studied it over all the years he's taught lol
Just wondering when an update is going to be posted...?
I am so addicted to this book!!! :)
I really like your writing and this has a great start! I'm excited to read more but the fact you use apostrophes insted of quotation marks it a huge turn off, not to menttion it can be really confusing. :(
I felt like crying :( just want to hug her and be her friend x x
WHY HER!!!!! WHYYYYY!!!!! I damn those motherfuckin no life havin sons a bitch bullies to the deepest pit in hell!!!!!!!!!