Black and Yellow.

Once upon a time, Harry Potter dropped a stone in the forbidden forest. Jade and Ruby, two Hufflepuff students just happened to find it. As the wereolf population grows and revolts. Ruby and Jade fight through Prejudices, Classes, and Hallows to have their say. A harry potter fan fic.
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This seems amazing 0_0 I'm in Ravenclaw but I agree, Helga was the best out of the four. And HUFFLEPUFFS ARE AWESOME
i always hated hufflepuff. thank you for changing my negative views on them in one chapter! looking forward to reading this!
I'm not a huge fan of Harry Potter, but I'm gonna read this now :D After all, YOU cannot write anything that's bad :)
This is very good so far :p YAY
i love harry potter!!!!
But feel bad for how the hufflepuff students are categorized as 'nothing' 

... Read all three and enjoyed all three
This is AWESOMMAZING!!!! I'm glad you posted on my forum cuz i luv this story now lmfao :D keep doing amazing on this story! :DD
Good intro to the next chapter, and I love harry potter fan fictions! Great writing and I'll keep reading to find out what happens next!

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