Twisted Love Affair

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StephyBoo By StephyBoo Completed
Lexi Cortez's life hasn't been an easy one. The girlfriend of a biker gang leader, she lives the double life: Lexi by day, but out on the streets she's known as Havoc and leader of The Viper Vixens. What happens when her older brother comes to town and both her worlds come crashing together? Throw in the oh-so dangerous but charming Jace who knows it very well. You get a Twisted Love Affair.
Connected-or-intuned Connected-or-intuned 6 months ago

I would really like to continue this book but these spaces are giving me a headache. A little more detail will do you great too. Overall this is a good book. Great story and plot but this is the chapter I will stop on.
sharlene_rodriguez sharlene_rodriguez 11 months ago
@StephyBoo i seriously just love this. Whats the sequels name?!?
ethegreat_5 ethegreat_5 2 years ago
Dude...this is so damn good.... Make more books like this!!!
ibejod ibejod 3 years ago
I really love your writing style! Will definitely be continuing to read!:)
angelyntjf angelyntjf 3 years ago
This is really good! But sad to say, i cant support u in the awards because mine is also entered under thriller.. :3 ANyways, great job! I'll give you a vote for that! :D
Dan_ishere Dan_ishere 3 years ago
Love the little recap at the start - very convenient for the reader and they really make it seem like I'm watching a tv show or something! Btw, what does she mean by running to get the "takes from the shop"?