If Only I Knew (A Fremione one-shot)

Love can occur from anyone, anywhere. Even in the afterlife. When Hermione Granger is in her dormitory after the battle at Hogwarts, someone appears and confesses their love to her. But the boy who has loved her all this time isn't who she expects.
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I never cried at Freds death in the book BUT FREMIONE FANFICS MAKE IT WORSE UUUGHGH
I'm depressed.
it's so sad.
can't you change it to george and they all live happily ever after?
i feel really mean now...

I'm trying not to cry because if I do people will start staring at me but it's really hard not to.
how can u leave us in the air. old finish it and make Fred reborn!!!! please! I was crying a lot after reading and this book is awesome. plzzzzz update
This was just... Beautiful. Beautiful, but so sad. I think you broke my feels. And my heart. I NOW SHIP FREMIONE 
Wow...when I saw it was a short story I didn't think it was this short! I want more :(

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