If Only I Knew (A Fremione one-shot)

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FredWeasleyismyking By FredWeasleyismyking Completed
Love can occur from anyone, anywhere. Even in the afterlife. When Hermione Granger is in her dormitory after the battle at Hogwarts, someone appears and confesses their love to her. But the boy who has loved her all this time isn't who she expects.
it was cute but this is a pretty shoty thing to do to someone isn't it
this is why I don't like short stories, they leave me wanting more
Ouch! That stung my heart, but it was a beautiful one shot and I really enjoyed reading it.
No matter how many times I read the books or watch the movies I prepare my self and everything, I still can't help but bawl my eyes out...
I never cried at Freds death in the book BUT FREMIONE FANFICS MAKE IT WORSE UUUGHGH
Did you know that Fred actually pranked everyone by pretending he died then coming back 10 minutes later to pretend he had risen from the dead but he had always been alive?