Maybe If We All Smiled

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bellapotter_16 By bellapotter_16 Updated 3 years ago
Every teenager has got problems; a troublesome love life, a project that is due the next day or an issue with rumours and gossip. But to Sophie Nyte none are as large as hers.
           Only seventeen years old and Sophie is ready to commit suicide. After five long years, she cannot take the world she lives in any longer. If it weren't for the coincidental fact that Finley Anderson had been walking along the bridge at the right time, Sophie would have been six feet under.
          Now that Finley has met Sophie, he does not want to let her go without unearthing her secrets. Desperate with the need to know what drove her to be standing on the bridge that night, he will stop at nothing to gain her trust and learn about her past. 
          But can the two find love in the midst of the hardest points in their adolescence? Can they ignore everything they've seen and been told to truly learn what it means to love? 
           In a cruel world where nothing makes sense, things would be a whole lot easier if we all smiled.
sofiaxx sofiaxx 3 years ago
Are you ever gonna finish this story i really wanna know what happens. Please please please finish it :-)
Sorry-Torii Sorry-Torii 3 years ago
I really hope this does become the next BWTIV. That was a beautiful story. :) I have a feeling this one will be just a beautiful.
babycakes23 babycakes23 3 years ago
LOL :) I love how Sophie totally kills Roses mood :))))) 
awesome story <3 :)
Strcfal Strcfal 3 years ago
This hit me very hard. I can relate to this story more than you know. I know that you won't read my comment with the millions that you get everyday, but thank you. Thank you for writing something like this.
Mis-fits Mis-fits 3 years ago
Haha, Rose is a spolied brat! Brilliant story, you reveal enough info to keep the reader interested but not so much that it becomes boring, reat job:)
fuzzypenguin fuzzypenguin 3 years ago
Great start! Love how even though we don't much about Sophie and yet still realize just how much her life differs from Finley's... By the way, I love the name Finely, it's so cool! And as for Rose, well... beauty is only skin deep :(.