Forever and Always ~Seth And Embry Imprint~

**Sequel to Love and Hate!!** Maya and Mia are back. This time, heart broken and longing for their wolves. Maya is stuck in her own situation with no help from Seth, seeing as they can't have a ten minutes conversation without arguing. Mia doesn't want to confront Embry. After saying what she did, she doesn't even want to look at him because it reminds her of her actions. Then the question of a newborn army rises. Will love prevail or will they both be left without their wolves?
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I dont get what is going on? I read the first one but i dont get it what happened to embry and where do maya and seth stand?
Dam I know my cuz knows how to have the babies father not be there but now he wants in when my my baby cuz is 8 years ok wow like really

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