Dominant *Jason McCan Love Story

Jason isn't what you would call the nicest guy.Kills people for a living and is impossible to trace.So when he kidnaps Sweet sweet Innocent Scarlet what could be expected.Definitely not what is about to happen.Yeah he may call her names and beat her,Yes he does rape and hurt her...but in a weird way....that's his way of love.
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dang is she confused how can u love him when he did all that stuff to u OMG STUPID, IDIOT, BORDERLINE, BRAIN DEAD MORON! !!
So....he called her tell her to go to she had to go back up? Wow Jason. -.-
R u correcting her? if u are then I think she can spell Scarlet however she wants :p
Jason frikin sucks!!!! He's so mean for no reason she's just trying to be perfect for him and he just treats her like trash!!!!
it was good. can u update sooner though cuz it feels like forever when u do n I love this book lol

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