Rejected (On Hold)

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_ImSexiiAndWeKnowIt By _ImSexiiAndWeKnowIt Updated 2 years ago
After her father being murdered while she was still an infant, Tori was raised by an abusive step dad who also took over her pack. After meeting her mate and being turned down, she meets new friends and makes her first shift. Problems?1; She has to mate with her mate or she dies. 2; she gets kidnapped. Will she be able to win over her mates heart? And secondly, will she be able to escape her captors?
Sweetdreams33 Sweetdreams33 3 years ago
Upload please you left me hanging and I'm already hooked on this story please upload
acegrl acegrl 3 years ago
:O. i can't believe he did that stupid son of a biscuit. he doesn't deserve her. jarrod's such a sweetheart though. awesome chapter loved it. can't wait fo the next
heartsanddiamonds heartsanddiamonds 3 years ago
@LaydeeCrystalz alright but im getting impatient (hahaha jks) but seriously write soon : )
babykeke babykeke 3 years ago
love you story her mates an ass but i really like jared upload soon !
heartsanddiamonds heartsanddiamonds 3 years ago
alright u got me hooked. so whats goignt o happen to her, and that strange hot boy and that step father who i hate?  write soon