Asylum: A Horrific Romance.

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Marina (Mari) By marixoxo Updated 3 years ago
& Eventually, the madness took over her body.   --  Schizophrenia, Patricia has it. And when the voices make her kill a completely innocent soul.. she wakes up in an Insane Asylum. Patricia doesn't have a problem with that until she starts hearing and seeing things.. but she isn't the only one.
omg noooo i really dislike scary stories like this :( but you're writing is really goood!
OMG I love this book so much and I really want to know what's gonna happen next:)
Very short and yet effective. It's pulled me in and I'm desperate to know what had happened before to lead up to that moment of murder :o
hmm, that insane asylum seems pretty social! Great start but you should make it more realistic.