My Faithful Servant, Night.

Night and Ivy are two companions in a world of the unknown; a daunting reality where creatures of the night prowl. Yet the more Ivy begins to uncover clues about her royal past, the more she begins to wonder...Who is Night? Or rather, what is Night? Their friendship which begins as merely a master and servant relationship grows into something far more powerful, a crucial bond which is linked to exactly why Ivy was disowned from the Vampiric Monarchy. The two search for artifacts of the royal family's household...And with it, a traitor in the very midst of the hunt itself.
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I thought this was really nicely written adn everything. Your really talented with words adn everything so yeah. Congrates
Oohh this is interesting!! I like it, the amount of detail is amazing! Keep it up :)
Very interesting. I love how detailed you descriptions are. Really good so far.
Reading on! :)
Wow, i love how much detail you go into with your descriptions! and the bit about halloween actually made me laugh ;) This story is really good so far haha.
" that silly festival. what was it? halloween. hmmm, halloween." LOOOOL, that made me laugh :P
vampire isn't my best genre to read, but you've definitely made it a wonderful mystery ;) not many errors and great descriptions :)

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