My Fallen Angel (COMPLETE)

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nikkitaylor97 By nikkitaylor97 Updated 2 years ago
Zandy is a young girl, struggling through school because of the ridicule and taunting. But one day, she meets Andy, the guy that saves her life. Over the years they become good friends, even move to California together. Andy has a steady girlfriend and Zandy is looking for Mr. Right. All the while, Andy's music career takes off as word spreads of his new band. Feelings grow stronger and Zandy is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Her best friend and his music career look promising, but can she trust her heart to make the right decision?
juliaannedavies juliaannedavies a year ago
best book about people how don't fit  that is the best book everrrrrrrrrr
Amethyst819374 Amethyst819374 a year ago
I remember I started reading this back in 2010 when you were still writing it. and only after about 2 months, did I find out Andy was a REAL person.. and I just wanted to thank you for your story. I've been a fan for 3 years and I still love the story <3
Xx_Music_xX Xx_Music_xX 2 years ago
This is my third...or fourth time reading this, I just can't stop! Very well done....
ddmahan922 ddmahan922 2 years ago
Oh my God..... she went to SCPA in Cincinnati.....I don't live too far from there. Do you really live near there or just used it as a setting?
AKWallace93 AKWallace93 3 years ago
I love it! It reminds me of how I used to be treated in elementary and middle school!
FunnilyWeirdLiz FunnilyWeirdLiz 3 years ago
I Love the story! I love andy sixx from black veil brides! You r really good!