What hurts the most... (ON HOLD)

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dangerouslovexx By dangerouslovexx Updated 3 years ago
When Rose get's rejected by her mate everything comes crashing down on her. She doesn't know what to think anymore. Bad things seem to happen to her everywhere she goes but the worst is being Kidnapped by the strongest pack in the U.S.A and being forced to mate with the Alphas son. But when her mate comes back and tell her the truth can they live like any other mates or will they never get to be together? 

I suck at descriptions, sorry! :)
chungmai chungmai a year ago
whatever the truth is doesn't outweight the pain of being left feeling inadequate . I hope she doesn't forgive him no matter what.
RosaRose13 RosaRose13 3 years ago
im really intrested in this story, and it takes a really good wolf story to keep me going- and this story is just that-awesome x
RosaRose13 RosaRose13 3 years ago
i rly h8 Seth he is such a JERK!! cant wait to read more.... lol x
babykins babykins 3 years ago
what a butt i would say other words but i dont want it to flam me or something haha lolz!
 love it keep it going! upolode soonnn
giggler107XD giggler107XD 3 years ago
Wow i HATE seth! Who does that!?! great start though,  cant wait for the next upload :)