Perfect Reflection

All sixteen year old Nina Incarnae wanted was a normal life. Her twin sister, Sierra, was the famous pop star. Nina was just content to watch in the shadows, unseen. But when Sierra is diagnosed with Stage Four Leukemia, Nina is faced with a choice: Should she become her sister in the eyes of the public and leave her old life behind, or leave her sister to die with millions of eyes watching?
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This is a beautiful story. I love the story line so far. So sad! The title fits the book really well. This could turn into something if you keep working at it!
This is an interesting concept. I can't decide whether her parents love her or are just using her. Sierra seems genuine though...
This is such a good story idea/line/thing, i'm excited to see where you go with it! But the cancer part sucks...'cause cancer sucks ;(
That's so sad. I can't understand why anyone's life would be so sad. Cried. Voted.
holy flipping hell! in the first chapter i am already in love!!! this was so good you made me use holy and hell in the same sentence!!!!!
Aw :( So unfair on her...

This is a super good idea though and actually really well written ^-^

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