Do It Like A Dude ''Watty Awards 2012 Finalist'' {Complete}

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Dark-Shadow By Dark-Shadow Updated 2 years ago
[ Trailer Inside ]My life is far from normal. I may act like a normal teenage girl during the day, but I’m the most fearful street racer the moment the night falls. The thing is that nobody knows I’m a girl. In their eyes I’m just a guy who has a talent for street racing. My whole world turns upside down when Blaze, my sworn enemy, finds out my secret. That, my friend, is the very moment that hell breaks loose.
loveisaheartache loveisaheartache 15 days ago
Hey! Maybe she just has that face where she can be pretty as a girl and handsome as a guy. Like in "Just one of the guys".
poochikoxhai poochikoxhai 2 months ago
I hate not use to it.i like wearing  tight jeans and Tahirt
_AliSmith_ _AliSmith_ 3 months ago
Got really confused coz I thought I was still reading about copy rights
Miss-NOT-Understood Miss-NOT-Understood 3 months ago
The title is also the name of a Jessie J song, so I can't help but sing that song whilst reading this.
NotSoNormalSquid NotSoNormalSquid 3 months ago
Haha "crimes against nature" that is so true! One time I saw a girl wear a skirt that could be mistaken for a belt at Walmart.
MidNightBlue427 MidNightBlue427 3 months ago
tomboys don't just wear that kind  of stuff. it is a stereotypical comparison.