Do It Like A Dude ''Watty Awards 2012 Finalist'' {Complete}

[ Trailer Inside ]My life is far from normal. I may act like a normal teenage girl during the day, but I’m the most fearful street racer the moment the night falls. The thing is that nobody knows I’m a girl. In their eyes I’m just a guy who has a talent for street racing. My whole world turns upside down when Blaze, my sworn enemy, finds out my secret. That, my friend, is the very moment that hell breaks loose.
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And you see this is why I never trust my "imagination", it always turns out to be wrong!
I don't know why but 'dude looks like a lady' came into my head. Dat. dat. Dude looks like a lady!
The title is also the name of a Jessie J song, so I can't help but sing that song whilst reading this.
Haha "crimes against nature" that is so true! One time I saw a girl wear a skirt that could be mistaken for a belt at Walmart.
If I was a boy... Is the song I thought about. She's the man is the movie I thought about.
hiiii... i hv nt starting reading yet but i like summary of 1 chp... its differnt frm other stories!!!! :)

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