Twilight Parodies <3 LOL

A collection of funny parodies. Gotta admit they aint all mine i found them on the web but they cracked me up so ya no
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Omg I am a twilight fan but I love these and number twenty three I'm acctually making a book about that haha read my mind. one these are not parodies two they are repetitive three they aren't that we'll constructed and humorous. Finally sorry for the rant
I found this funny until I read "what kind of name is Edward?"
It's a gorgeous name. F you.
Nuuu! Edwin's a sparkle demon!(I call him Edwin, cause there's this anime guy called Edward Elric who's positively KICK BUTT!)
i agree 101% with these!!! i think i could actually like the book a little bit if it was about jasper and alice, and i laughed at no. 51 :D
hahaha <agrees> and when eddy leaves for like five minutes she's freaking out and constantly misses him.

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