Twilight Parodies <3 LOL

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_TooSexyForMyShirt By _TooSexyForMyShirt Updated 4 years ago
A collection of funny parodies. Gotta admit they aint all mine i found them on the web but they cracked me up so ya no
Zelinksorane Zelinksorane 8 months ago
exactly! luckily, I'm not obsessed over this stupid twilight saga crap, though I'm probably the only teenage girl in the world that's not.
reneecarlie reneecarlie a year ago
how rude I am a twilight fan and this is offensive sorry but still really funny
BodyBagForADress BodyBagForADress a year ago
I totally agree with you though I'm a twilight fan I do think there are some flaws in Edward like well their relationship shows every sign of an abusive relationship. Just throwing that out there.  Really good though.
BodyBagForADress BodyBagForADress a year ago
Omg I am a twilight fan but I love these and number twenty three I'm acctually making a book about that haha read my mind.
mycastleofbooks mycastleofbooks a year ago
Well, on 50, I will hurt you if you insult my Percy Jackson.
Nyhterides Nyhterides a year ago
That was so funny! I'm not a big Twilight fan (though I am writing a fan fic inspired by it...but I've made Edward feed of a human, mwahaaa), I loved these. #22 and #23, heck ya! LOL!