I am Fallon Riddle; Voldemort's Daughter

Fallon Riddle was raised in an orphanage until she was nine. But then everything changed when some strangers took her away. That moment had now changed her life. Fallon was from then on raised to be a killer, to be merciless, to show no weakness and have the most power imaginable. Well that was what you'd expect, when you have the Dark Lord as your father. It was only for the next 6 years that her memory was altered and she was forcefully made to believe the unthinkable. But when her father returns after missing for three years, he and Bellatrix together have news that changes Fallon's life and ruins it all. Now she is ordered to be killed by the words of her father and by the hands of death eaters alike; she now has a price for her life. What is Fallon left to do? She runs. To the only place she knows to be safe; Hogwarts. Where here she makes a friendship that is rather unexpected, a friendship with the boy who lived. But could this friendship turn into something more?
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Really good story! can you add some more Barty Crouch Jr in please if possible :) and Update! :)
Naww thanks for the dedication Tabs! I always forget about dedications on my stories. :P
Aww, I know how writer's block feels. I like it, and I'm going to keep reading, and commenting because I know how important that is.
ah, I really like this so far! 
I love how your doing a Tom Riddle thing, but his childhood, but you spiced it up and made it his daughter's.
I like it! : )

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