Haters To Mates

Jez has one of the most complicated lives you'd ever see. So this time she moves to a new city, to find a guy who used to hate, then to find that he is her mate. You'd say what? Mate? Yes, I said mates. They are werewolves. So what happens when she's the mate of a soon to be alpha? Trouble sticks to her.
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Ok...taking it in 

✔️physically or mental abuse from adult figure/legal guardian(s)
I think you schould call your storie hated to mated I dont know why the name just came to me just  a suguestion I love your storie by the way :)
Check your capitalisation ~ some words don't need it 
Also check your punctuation
The prologue itself, it's definite and a bit sad. D:

- Emile
Cut down the first paragraph. 
And spell out numbers!
That's the best advice I can give to you that you can fix.
really good. a little short. but i will definetly keep reading on to see what happens next. very well written too. and yes, you are a good writer!
I would love for you to say Werewolf, its really buggin me that you are shorting it :P But ill keep reading :)

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