Violet Eyes

in a dystopian future where money has no value, and freedom has been destroyed long ago, Leena is awoken by the sound of her two best friends being murdered in the middle of the night. She is found by an old friend that shares her dark past- will they escape or will the suburban wars take two more lives?
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Wow...this was powerful. and amazing.  You have a LOT of talent!!  I know this is really old but I just found it and it blew my mind.  Good job!
I actually love how you didn't cheap out and give them a perfect happy ending :) congrats on making top ten :)
Oh my! this is freaking well written. you really do deserve being one of the top ten finalists. i wish you the best of luck. :)
Oh my god, this story has such a great concept! Well done kellyca! Love the suspense, im looking forward to reading more of your work!
really original concept! I agree with the other comments, you should deffinetly make this a full book!

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